The personal blog of Zoe Stavri. Astounded by how few people read “about” pages and then think they’ve magically “exposed” me. Part anarchist. Part feminist. All angry. Has too many psychology degrees. Likes brevity in internet profiles. Blogs a mishmash of feminism, psychology, politics and navel-gazing.

17 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey I really enjoy your writing, but I was wondering if you have an RSS feed hidden away somewhere? I can’t seem to find one.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. …Initially, I accidentally wrote ‘uberdeq’ for my email address(!) I am, what the fictional Jason King never actually was – a genuinely chauvinistic male. And I detest people with university degrees. I do, admire Virginia Woolf, and I think you are a very very good writer indeed. And I agree with a few others here that you are 100% correct with your analysis of Sherlock’s Adler. I could I suppose, drag myself to merit your academic prowess with a patient eyebrow lift.


  3. Irene Adler analysis was massively brilliant, totally right in every respect. Courage to those who are willing to see the obvious! Sherlock of a 100 years ago might even get your analysis. So why Moffat? The weak/dominating smart whore is still very sexy to entitled men. Uggh!

  4. If you can forgive my irreverent sense of mirth, with your background as an angry, anarchistic feminist who is over-educated in psychology, my forthcoming book should be utter anathema to you. Always nice to have something to be angry about. }:-)>

    May I respectfully inquire as to what too many degrees in psychology actually constitutes? For the record, I took intro psych as an elective back around the summer of 1986 or so. I consider myself to be over-educated in psychology as well.


  5. A healthy vagina also has lots of bacteria and yeast as well, why not try bread-making with them? A quick swab or squirt of water up the cootchie, add water and flour and see what develops?

    1. All of the information is there to read, if you google. Should you want more information, my time costs a very reasonable £40 a minute.

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