Comment policy

While I like reasoned debate and all of that, this is my blog. Try not to act like arseholes. There are a few ways not to act like an arsehole:

1. Do not, under any circumstances, personally attack anyone in the comment threads.

2. Hate speech, such as misogyny, racism, transphobia or rape apologism will not be tolerated.

3. Don’t just swing by to try to sell products. This is a blog, not fucking Amazon.

4. Try not to be wrong. There’s opinions I do not disagree with, and then there is stuff that is quite simply wrong. Wrong things include pretending evolutionary psychology is scientific evidence, misunderstanding statistics and believing the Daily Mail to be a citable reference. If you are wrong, I will point it out. Unless you can provide valid, peer-reviewed evidence to the contrary, you will continue to be considered wrong.

5. Stay relevant. Please, stay relevant. Discuss the issues in the post, not what you want to discuss.

This is my blog. These are my rules. If you violate any of my rules, I have the power to edit your comments. I do not pretend to be reasonable. I will not pretend that I will be in any way mature about the edits I perform on your comments. This is my blog. Try not to act like arseholes.

If you do continually act like an arsehole, I will block you. This has only happened once so far. The person repeatedly derailed threads and showed a staggering lack of sensitivity towards rape survivors. So, um, don’t do that.

5 thoughts on “Comment policy”

  1. If you don’t like my comment – or consider it to be unsuitable for your blogsite, just delete it, don’t “edit” it. I know you don’t claim to be reasonable, but any changes in what I write would be a total violation of my right to express myself. I hope that doesn’t make an arsehole. If it does, just wipe me!

  2. Hooray for common sense. Your blog you have the right to deem what is and is not acceptable. It has also proved to be good reading material and very thought provoking.

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