The war on choice escalates

It seems that the British war on choice has become a little less silent.

The placard-wavers are becoming more prominent. Many are British chapters of American anti-choice groups, their odious ideology wafting across the Atlantic to harass, intimidate and control.

They claim to be religious, holding “prayer vigils” accompanied by grotesque gory horror pictures. They control in the name of a God–the god who frequently oppresses women.

It is not surprising that they are here now, visibly imposing their twisted morals in which a woman is nothing but a walking womb.

Little information seems to be available about police reactions to these protests. It would appear that their involvement entails little more than mildly telling the anti-choice protesters to kindly move a little bit further away, despite such protests involving graphic imagery, filming of members of the public, and leafleting lies.

This seems curious, as left-wing activists are arrested for conspiracy to commit street theatre, banner-holding, or sitting down in a shop. One wonders just how much policing of protest has become an arm of the state; certainly, senior members of government are very interested in stripping away a woman’s right to choose.

The British war on choice is no longer silent. It is building towards a full-scale battle. It is now time to fight.

One thought on “The war on choice escalates”

  1. very polemic! But why does everything need a ‘war’ metaphor? I was campaigning for pro-choice ideals in the 1980s, against a Private Member’s Bill proposing restrictions to abortion rights, and against Victoria Gillick’s ideas about restricting young women from getting contraceptives/advice. I don’t think anything has changed since then except for the rhetoric.

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