A weekend in activism

This weekend, I have been busily chipping away at the state.

On Friday, I went to a demo outside News International’s HQ to point out that we hadn’t won just yet and all of the rot needs to be cut out and purged with fire. Metaphorically speaking. I had a thoroughly enjoyable shout into a megaphone, and according to photographs have started advertising biscuits.

On Saturday, I went to a pro-choice demo. The atmosphere was lovely–women and men alike came out in support of abortion rights, pledging resistance to the imminent attacks on such basic human rights. I suspect in the next year, we will be seeing more of these as the government start to move against bodily autonomy.

Finally, on Sunday, to mourn the passing of the filthy, vile, racist, misogynistic News of the World, I went to a funeral. I am very proud of this. It was a truly collaborative effort every step of the way.

Anyway, enough about me. How did you smash the patriarchy or state this week?

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