Is my body too feminist for you, babe?

Some vintage bollocks from Beyonce. Reality does not appear to work the same way for her as it does for the rest of us, and so it is impossible to be angry about any of it.

First of all, according to Beyonce, she sparked an uprising in Egypt. This uprising consisted of some women singing along with a pop song. While wearing burkas, but somehow, with X-Ray vision, Bey could see their mouths moving.

After bringing a peaceful gender revolution to the Middle East, Beyonce goes on to say something even more baffling:

‘I need to find a catchy new word for feminism, right? Like bootylicious.’

Beyonce and Sasha Fierce have laid down an edict. We must rebrand immediately. We are no longer feminists. We are bootylicious. I am anarcha bootylicious, though inspired by radical bootylicious ideas. I reject Beyonce’s bootyliciousness because it comes from a very privileged perspective. Likewise, Mediocre Dave finds Germaine Greer’s bootyliciousness problematic in our modern age.

Perhaps this rebranding can work on other areas of thought. I suspect Beyonce would be delighted if we changed socialism to “to the left, to the left.” StarbarMurray suggests we can apply this rationale to other areas, such as changing Thatcherism to Nasty Girl.

Basically, the whole thing is too silly to be angry about. The comment thread is open for discussion of the finer points of bootylicious theory.

8 thoughts on “Is my body too feminist for you, babe?”

  1. I would like a tshirt saying “this is what a bootylicious looks like”. And a postcard for my office door with that famous Mae West quote “I do not know what bootylicious is. I only know that people call me bootylicious when I express opinions which differentiate me from a doormat”.

    This game could go on for quite a while.

    Nina Power’s ‘One-Dimensional Bootylicious’.

  2. Brilliant Beyonce puns from Twitter:
    @bensixesq: It has the advantage that people couldn’t use the term “feminazis”. On the other hand, bootyleninists would be available…
    @jedweightman: Typical example of how capitalism takes bootylicious and sells it back to us de-toothed. Fuck bourgeois bootylicious.
    @SaiPang:I am waiting for her debut polemic. “Vindication of the Rights of Bootyliciousness” perhaps?

  3. REBECCA WEST, Dave, REBECCA WEST. Dear God. That’s like when I wrote about ‘Irving Berlin’s hostility to utopianism’ in my thesis.

  4. Hilarious as this may be, I’m not sure that trying to get more women to engage with feminism (silly rebrand or no) is a bad thing. I’d be a lot more comfortable with the piss taking on this if it didn’t come across as quite so parochial and tribalist.

      1. 🙂

        I’m not trolling. Just coming kind of new to this stuff, it often seems that there’s a lot of reasons given why stuff is wrong, but not so much about what should be done instead. I’m sure it isn’t meant to, but it can come across as kind of snobbish. That’s all.

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