Letters to Nadine Dorries masterlist: what our wombs are up to

So many letters to Nadine Dorries! Because of this, the masterlist of letters to Dorries has been moved to its own site:


You can see the full masterlist of posts here.

Please, please please send more. And don’t forget to send them to Nadine, either.

12 thoughts on “Letters to Nadine Dorries masterlist: what our wombs are up to”

  1. This is a post by someone who wrote a letter to Dorries, but then read my post and began to reflect on some of the criticisms I have of the action:


    This post illuminates what I think- that the idea of ‘womanhood’ that this campaign is promoting is narrow. Harri wrote a letter but you call him a ‘boy’ and from what I gather from his letter, he is actually a man.

    And Cas wrote a letter, but in her letter you can read the pain of being a woman who does not have the ‘right’ bits that make a woman a ‘woman’. And I think this whole uterus letter thing just emphasises how ‘women’ should have the right bits and pieces.

    1. I saw that, wonderfully written letter and I’m glad we have people thinking about this sort of thing. As for me, I know I’m well aware that the womb doesn’t make the woman.

        1. For me, it’s not really an issue. We’re stuck with stupid binary terms right now because our language isn’t equipped for anything more sophisticated.

    1. er you are singling out humans, and feminists single out ‘women’ as most worthy of attention – the word ‘feminism’ is concerned with the ‘feminine’ like I said.

      The binary is what needs challenging in my view. Anything else is a side issue.

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