How to stop your man from cheating

The Sun is hardly known for inhabiting the same universe as the rest of us. The newspaper dwells in this strange limbo where the line between fiction and reality is blurred to nothing. It is hardly surprising, then, that this drivel appeared:

Of course, the solution to partners cheating is not to become a perfect, pliant little domestic goddess. The solution is the following:




I’m glad the Sun will probably go under soon.


Credit to @RupertNeate for bravely combing that rag and finding this, and @jedweightman and @TheNatFantastic for bringing it to my attention.

5 thoughts on “How to stop your man from cheating”

  1. But monogamy suits me. Otherwise, agreed entirely. I love the way the little editorial at the bottom disagrees with the HONKING GREAT ILLUSTRATED THREE-QUARTER-PAGE article. It’s almost like ‘hey, disclaimer, we don’t actually endorse this, but actually we kind of do because most of you won’t bother to read this little chunk of text telling you it’s all bullshit, good luck with that’.

    1. Rather than smashing monogamy itself, the default set of assumptions it comes with could do with radical overhaul. Each relationship should be unique 🙂

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