One thought on “Tory feminism versus anarcha feminism”

  1. All of you who say you are a feminist …you are not.I read your comments and I thought men were writing to each other.You all sound like men.We are not men.We are not feminist if we are starting to shred the word feminist into groups.”I’m a Tory Feminist this or I’m a feminist that!”. We are different from men! No matter how hard our differences , we have to work together and work differently from men.We will fight for us and for the men.We start by educating our boys from a young age to respect girls or women .This isn’t hard.We are raising them.We need to work with the stereotypes of both men and women.Feminism means womens rights and different from men we will work together to educate men at a young age to give women those rights.But we women need to educate ourselves with our boys and what they are expected from society and change that mindset.They also go through rape as little boys just as little girls.They also have low self esteem.We need to be there for them before date rape happens.We need to be there for them and educate them about them and girls.We have to be there for them before they end up in jail.You know I’m going to stop .I am terrible, very terrible at expressing myself.I am not good at using words.I hope you grasped what I am trying to express.

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