Some people are weeping syphilitic chodes. Don’t get over it.

In the wake of fuckwittery surrounding the Christian ‘gay cure’ bus ads, it is hardly surprising that the story caught the single, chancred, dripping eye of chode Brendan O’Neill.

Brendan has taken this opportunity to remind us that actually the Christians are more progressive than gays, because they think being gay isn’t a genetic trait.

It is, as always, an abominable torture of reality, and it is no different from O’Neill’s typical contrarian wordspunk.

As usual, it makes no goddamn sense whatsoever. The weeping syphilitic chode rather unsurprisingly fails to understand the meaning of the word ‘progressive’, thinking that seeking to ungay people in a homophobic environment is somehow A Good Thing and laudable.

It goes without saying that this is a profoundly stupid point, whether being queer is genetic, a choice, or somewhere in between. Maintaining the status quo by conforming to the hegemonic ideal is inherently, at best, conservative.

O’Neill isn’t even trying any more. He forgot to scream about political correctness or blame a shadowy cabal of queers and hummus munchers.

I think I need a worthier nemesis.

5 thoughts on “Some people are weeping syphilitic chodes. Don’t get over it.”


    by Brendan o’Neill

    The recent TOPICAL EVENT has sparked anger amongst the liberal elite of supporters of X. But what elitists in favour of X fail to realise, and that I, Brendan o’Neill – internet phenomenon, king of rationality, and definitely not a Tory desperately pretending they’re somehow on the left – will explain to you plebs that X is actually Y.

    Some people might say that X is actually X, but if I ignore the actual position of supporters of X, appeal to a confused notion of freedom, and dazzle you with some cheery picked science quotes, you’ll soon see that TOPICAL EVENT is the tired old liberal elite trying to clamp down on Z.

    Of course, I don’t support Z, but I will defend to the death my right to make a quick buck off of it by turning it into a free speech issue.

    Anyone objecting to any of the above is somehow an enemy of the people, elitist and irrational.’

  2. Dear GOD (not really). I used to read sp!ked a lot until I lost all respect for his editor. I can’t recall the first time I realised just how privileged and unaware but it might have been the first time I heard his, “Women, get over it, you should be flattered, it’s only a whistle, so what if they all stare, you brought it on yourself, FEMINISM HAS RUINED THE WORLD, WHAT ABOUT THE POOR MENZ” shtick.

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