The war on choice: with Maria Miller and Jeremy Hunt making decisions, be ready

The government has reshuffled, and it’s generally bad news because everyone’s a craven shit. If you happen to have a uterus, or know someone who has a uterus, the news is even worse.

Jeremy Hunt has taken over as health secretary, and Maria Miller has taken over as minister for women and equalities. Both of these politicians have a terrible track record on abortion. Hunt voted to reduce the abortion time limit from 24 weeks to 12 weeks. Miller voted to reduce the limit to 20 weeks, and also voted for Dorries’s amendment which would have stopped people who know what they’re talking about providing counselling about abortion.

Both of these politicians are responsible for making decisions which directly affect abortion. Their previous behaviour suggests a disdain for the right to choose.

A war may be coming. They are smarter than a declaration of outright aggression, but instead they will chip away, eroding our rights. We must be ready, we must be vigilant. We must look out for what they try to fiddle and change and be ready to respond. They cannot be allowed to strip away our choice.

2 thoughts on “The war on choice: with Maria Miller and Jeremy Hunt making decisions, be ready”

  1. I think there’s a fundamental flaw in your last paragraph – you’ve written it in future tense, when we already know that the process is in motion and we know what shape it will take. If people “get ready to take some action in the future” we’ll be in the same place as the NHS campaign – fighting rear-guard battles towards heroic defeat out of a sense that fighting unpublished proposals is somehow bad form.

    Pro-choice people must mobilise now: if we don’t know the British Right’s exact tactics, fight the Tories off turning to the American Right’s tactics instead. If you can’t drill down on specifics, organise on a generic basis. Don’t wait for the Tories to publish a legislative calendar before putting actions in the diary. Above all: act, don’t just react!

  2. To be a pedant, Helen Grant is the new Equalities Minister. But the Equalities dept has been moved to Culture Media and Sport (which is the lowest of all the ministerial dept, shows how much the Tories care about equality) and Miller is the new Culture Sec.

    Info here:

    And as a friend pointed out to me, saying that Miller is the Equalities minister is erasing one of the few Black Women in parliament.

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