What it means to be pro-choice

Imagine, if you will, that the revolution has happened. It’s happened, and, in this scenario, it’s gone really fucking well. 

Suddenly, everyone is free. There’s no more poverty, no more working every hour imaginable just to survive. There’s no more capitalism, no more class system. We’re all equal, with time to spend at leisure as machines labour for us. We have everything we need to survive and live a good life. And this delicious standard of living is open to absolutely everyone. Inequality has been abolished in all forms. Racism is dead, the class war has been won, we’ve made our society accessible for people of all abilities, ensuring everyone can live in dignity.

Yes, even gender inequality. That’s a thing of the past. It’s such a thing of the past, the word is meaningless except to historians. All those intersectional problems have gone. Rape, abuse, harassment. They’re words that pop up in great art made about the Before-Times, but nothing relevant to modern life. They just don’t happen any more. Like I said, the revolution went really fucking well. 

The idea of family has changed, because how we conceptualise gender itself has changed. The rainbow of gender and sexuality is fully accepted, appreciated, embraced. Families come in all forms, children have any number of parents of all sorts of various genders and relationships with each other. And they’re raised with love, because everyone’s so fucking happy all the time. And every child is wanted, because contraception has been sorted the fuck out. It just works whenever the user wants, with no ill-effects.

Everyone’s well-educated in this beautiful, impossible future. They know what they’re doing. It’s all the necessary ingredients for making a choice that is free.

Now meet Qarmin, a character who lives in this world with a suitably futuristic name, and has been created to make a point. Qarmin has a female reproductive system. Zie lives with hir partners Xargrob and T’lara, whose names I made a little less effort with because they’re less relevant to this. Together, the three of them decide they want to have a child. Qarmin stops taking hir contraception, as does Xargrob (who has a male reproductive system), and soon Qarmin falls pregnant.

A few months into the pregnancy, Qarmin changes her hir mind. Zie doesn’t want to be pregnant any more. Hir body is changing, and zie doesn’t want it to do that any more. Zie visits an abortion clinic for advice.

Should Qarmin have an abortion?

If your answer is anything other than an unequivocal “none of my fucking business”, you might want to re-assess your pro-choice credentials. Ultimately, it rests on bodily autonomy. Even when you take away every single economic and social factor, and perfect foolproof contraception, the pro-choice position should–and must–rest on the right to do whatever the fuck you want with your own body. Abortion is something that must always be an option; no matter how perfect the world, there’s always going to be a reason for it to exist.

And along the way to building a perfect world, abortion must be available. safely and legally, always.

21 thoughts on “What it means to be pro-choice”

  1. I have a better scenario: Instead of day-dreaming about fantasy “revolutions” that will never happen, ever, not in 10 years, not in 10,000 years, never. The feckless, lazy, pathologically sex obsessed scum of the anarchist “movement” stepped away from the collective Twitter masturbatory frenzy, had a shower, went outside, got a job (ANY job, not something you personally fancy doing, any activity that generates a personal income whether you enjoy that activity or not) and set aside the childish cult of individualism you child-adults (you are not adults, over 18 or not, you’re incapable of interacting with the world around you as emotionally mature grown-ups) cling to as a form of self-identification. We retroactively reintroduce hanging, stop all immigration, ban ALL abortions except in cases in rape (rape as defined by law, not the made-up definitions you lot ascribe to that word) and incest, and teach women that if they knowingly enter into a sexual situation where conception is possible, that’s THEIR own fault and THEY can deal with the consequences – i.e. pregnancy and childbirth. The only form of union recognised in law would be heterosexual Christian marriage and faultless divorce would be abolished. That’s the Britain we (conservatives) are working towards, and from where I’m sat, we’re a damn sight closer to making it a reality that your nightmare.

      1. No I do accept women should have the option of divorcing their husbands if fault can be found – domestic abuse, physical violence and so fourth. Oddly some young Tory women are more had-line about that than I am. I went to Young Conservatives Ball in Oxford last year and a young woman swore blind she shouldn’t be allowed to divorce or have a job after childbirth. So you’ll have a tough time brining about this revolution I’m afraid, unless you shoot us all…and most us shoot for sport so, you might be outgunned on that score. (and yes, I am for real, this is not a spoof, thought you lot might like to know not all young people in Britain are remotely “progressive”).

        1. N.B. There seems to be some confusion (I’m glancing at the exchange on Twitter) as to whether I’m “for real” or a parody. I wasn’t being sarcastic earlier, those are my positions on a number of topical political issues. “C. Rhodes” is not my actual name, I used that pseudonym for convenience sake and because Cecil Rhodes is a personal hero of mine. I’m in my early 20’s, live near Worcester and am active in both the Traditional Britain Group (http://www.traditionalbritain.org/) & the British Monarchist League (http://www.monarchist.org.uk/) The modern Tory party is too left-wing for me so I’m not currently a member nor do I speak for that party. I commented here merely to ensure readers are aware that not all young people share left-wing, “progressive” opinions. I suppose I’m something of a “Stavvers” fan in a perverse kind of way (her blog/twitter is like political porn for us). So yes, I hope that clears that up. Excuse earlier typos, I was writing hastily.

          Mod note: I never, ever modify links. No siree

          1. N.B for the final time – not so sure about “crywanks” exactly but I’m not sure you know just how “popular” you are on the young Tory right. I was at a party last week and several of us, (a number of women included) Tory right-wingers all, had an hour long discussion about you, Laurie Penny and a few others. You actually have a Tory fan-base up to a point, you’re the feminist we all love to hate. Sometimes we’ll all get round a laptop and go through your tweets just for the “exotic” factor. Remember you lot and how you think is as alien to us as we are to you.

          2. Anyone who says that the modern Tory party is too left-wing for them really deserves to have their views dismissed out of hand.

    1. Well, you certainly paint a rosy picture. I’ll certainly rush to abandon my individualism in favour of a life of dull drudgery as soon as possible. In exchange I’ll get to enjoy all of the privileges coming to white males born in this country, right? Of course, at first I’ll probably feel guilty about the fact that all of my privileges are coming at the expense of others (I mean, we can’t all be lucky enough to be a sociopath like you) but I’m sure that as the bitterness builds up in me over years of unfulfilling graft I will be able to twist it in to a hatred of everyone who is different to me. Livin’ the dream!

    2. I’m afraid Cecil is quite right Stavvers. The internet, least of all this blog, is no place for far-fetched, unwieldy utopias in which your every ideological fantasy is fulfilled.

      1. Quite right how dare the unemployed have fantasies, dreams, hopes, desires, or get to share them.
        For the record I haven’t a clue what stavvers’ employment status is, but fail to see how it is relevant to anything.

    3. “The only form of union recognised in law would be heterosexual Christian marriage”

      I’m Jewish. Do I have to convert to get married in your fascist utopia or am I condemned to live in some sort of ghetto? You don’t make this point clear. Also what about Muslims? Can’t they get married either? Or would you “send em back where they come from”?

  2. Damn fucking right! So many who call themselves pro choice have limitations on what pro choice means. Very much like you said, when we reach a point with fool proof contracetion many pro choicers will think the need for abortion is gone. which is bat shit because thats the only time when you are truly making a choice

  3. I was going to make a comment about your revolution including basic counselling skills in educational settings so Quarmin could better understand her decision. (this coming from my musings on the Catt case and the fact a woman is in jail when their were clear signposts to her state of mind. ) Quarmin of course has the right to any decision she wants to make, but in a Utopia would try to learn, as every adult does, from her choices.

    However feck that, Cecil offers such a wonderful future for us all that I cannot imagine wanting anything else, after all how can a misogynistic racist be wrong?

  4. I have no real issues with the thrust of the article, although like C.Rhodes I wasn’t a big fan of this particular revolution. I simply wanted to disown C.Rhodes. As someone who has right wing views I found most of what he wrote offensive, bigoted and totally unrepresentative of what most right wing people believe. Personally speaking freedom of choice, be it immigration, abortion, marriage etc are core to my beliefs and are exactly why I class myself as right wing.

  5. i can’t help wishing c. rhodes mother had had an abortion. great article stavvers, absolutely excellent and a joy to read.

  6. In C. Rhodes world, this Christian woman (in a heterosexual marriage) would seriously consider joining a nunnery!

  7. No contest. Our bodies, our lives, our right to decide – to coin a phrase. Women’s decisions about whether to continue with a pregnancy or not are never context-free. Any society worth living in should allow the choice to abort and the possibility of raising a child in circumstances that, without penalising the parents, will allow him/her to become all that s/he can be.
    This is not utopian. It is entirely possible, with a fair distribution of current global wealth.The latter would be revolutionary.

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