The Nadinenomicon

So here’s a thing. Regular followers of this blog will no doubt be aware that I rather passionately hate Nadine Dorries for her concerted efforts to peer into my uterus.

However, there’s some hate she’s getting that just isn’t cool. There’s a lot of misogyny thrown in her direction–calling her a bitch and so on. There’s also the “Mad Nad” moniker, which is hugely fucking offensive to people with mental health problems. There’s a lot to attack Dorries for, but the fact she’s a woman isn’t one of them.

I mean for fuck’s sake. Her politics are just dire. She’s frighteningly right-wing, and she’s fucked up the job she was elected to do by swanning off to munch on ostrich anuses in a jungle half a world away. And let’s not forget her curious obsession with uteruses. She really wants to try to control what we do for them.

Now, a nickname is a useful thing, but let’s stick with nicknames that aren’t oppressive, eh? Here’s a few putative suggestions, but feel free to add more!

  • The Womb Botherer Of Bedfordshire
  • Disappointingly unraptured
  • Tory scum
  • Nadir Dorries (from Jonnie Marbles)

13 thoughts on “The Nadinenomicon”

  1. I will definitely be using that first one from now…

    I usually just use the names of such politicians as the pejorative. Thus I suggest instead of giving her a moniker we start calling other people Dorries…

  2. Don’t forget how much she despises disabled people. Especially those who can’t work, but can use Twitter. I mean, what lazy scumbags! Stealing from the public purse by not working and getting thousands a month in benefits, and free houses and cars, when they’re clearly fit for work, as shown by their ability to use a thumb to compose a tweet

    I’m a woman and disabled. I relish her hate, because if a loathsome Tory slimedweller hates me? I’m clearly doing sometimg fucking right.

    Dorrth Vagina ‘Vader.

  3. I get what you’re saying, I really do. I just find it waaay hard to dig any sympathy out of my soul for the lovely Nadine…

    1. It’s not La Dorries you have to feel sympathy for: it’s the mentally ill people who are being smeared when you imply she’s one of us. Sorry, mentally abled people, I reckon she’s actually your responsibility.

      1. I was really referring to the main thrust of your post, about the misogynistic aspect of the abuse. Not being a mentally abled person, Dorries isn’t my responsibility. But I don’t feel offended, because I don’t regard people with mental health problems as ‘mad’, though I can accept the point that others may.

  4. Thank you. This is something that bothers me when it comes to the critique of any woman. This tendency to attack her as a “bitch”, a “cunt”, a “slut”, a “whore”, or just “crazy” instead of attacking her positions. I can despise someone for her positions, and I make a bigger impact than I would if I attacked her personally. And I don’t prop up misogyny when I choose that route.

  5. Where did this “mad nad” thing come from? I’ve not heard of it yet. (Although I pointedly steer clear of tabloids and the such so I’m guessing that’s why.

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