Burchill’s defence of Moore: sadly inevitable

No, I’m not going to link to Julie Burchill’s defence of Suzanne Moore. It is literally nothing more than hate speech. If you haven’t read it, run away and save yourself.

The thing is, something like this was sorely inevitable. Burchill’s argument was, at its heart, the same as Moore’s, merely laying the bigotry a lot barer. So bare that even the commentariat, who have been drying Moore’s tears, found Burchill’s rather offensive.

But it’s the same thing, the same sort of bigotry. And it’s why we absolutely should and must call out the relatively minor instances–like Suzanne Moore’s initial thoughtless comment. As the “twitterstorm” escalated, and people defended Moore, it legitimised a bigoted position. Had Suzanne Moore just apologised, we would not be seeing Burchill’s article today.

Yet, we would likely see something similar, on a different day, perhaps by a different author, or in conversation. Because transphobia is structural, it’s endemic, it’s everywhere. It’s not just the death throes of the second wave: it’s everywhere.

And we need to fight it where we see it. Whether seemingly big or seemingly tiny, cissexism must be challenged. Burchill is not the only bigot; all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again. We need that revolution soon.

5 thoughts on “Burchill’s defence of Moore: sadly inevitable”

  1. narrativeeschatology – nah, just the Comment is Free business model: post outrageous trolling, reap the page hits. The Guardian’s been doing this for quite a while now. An increasingly reprehensible group of people.

  2. Seems the guardian has recently started to publish a few transphobic articles-there was another a while back about how selfish a transsexual was when she came out. Whilst she did treat her family badly, the portrayal and lack of explanation that not all trans people are like that was a little sinister

    1. If you want to complain to the Observer (it was their article though it appeared on the Guardian website) then the email is reader@observer.co.uk

      I wrote a letter of complaint, suggesting that they find a reputable journalist to do a serious story on the issue rather than just giving space to a twitterspat. As long as people don’t realise the realities of the oppression that is suffered they will think of it as a trivial thing, better than enticing a paper to publish a retraction or an apology would be some stories fleshing out the transdocfail hashtag for example.

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