Things I read this week that I found interesting

I’ve been on holiday this week, so might have missed a lot of things that weren’t related to the week of reckoning for transphobic columnists. Or, more likely, that’s mostly what we’ve been talking about as it’s singularly awful. Anyway, here’s some things I read this week that I found interesting. If there’s anything else you think I’d like, point it my way.

Julie Burchill has ended up bullying the trans community (Roz Kaveney)- Coldly angry piece from trans activist Roz, with a lot of wise words on how thoroughly awful Burchill’s piece was (also, read Roz’s book, Rituals, the first part of the Rhapsody of Blood series. It’s awesome queer feminist fantasy, and I’ll stop plugging it when you all read it).

The Julie Burchill transphobia scandal (CN Lester)- CN talks about how to channel rage at Burchill/Moore to improve conditions for trans people and bring about change for the better.

Burchill’s attack follows the same pattern – trans stories are only of interest if we star as villains (Jane Fae)- Jane discusses the role of trans women as “whipping girls” in the media, and how the community won’t take this any more.

“Nasty Idiotic Tripe”: stand against Julie Burchill’s years of transphobia (The Quietus)- Excellent summary of the whole Moore/Burchill disaster, including why what they said was wrong. Good for beginners. Bonus appearance by Suzanne Moore in the comments.

Please, no Moore: a snapshot of transphobia in Britain’s broadsheets (Media Darlings)- Another good summary of events, featuring a very good cartoon on trans oppression, and the phrase “farting privilege in all directions like some sort of collapsing cis Hindenburg”, of which I thoroughly approve.

On anger, privilege and power (Ally Fogg)- Ally explains the difference between the effect of anger of a newspaper columnist and the anger of those who they have offended, very reasonably.

Take the chip off my shoulder? Fuck you, Burchill! (Scriptonite)- The title summarises content rather nicely 🙂

And finally, something which isn’t about Observergeddon:

Structural inequality of an invisible minority (The Stroppy Rabbit)- Thought-provoking piece about handedness, which left me wondering where the problems of left-handedness fall as an oppression. Perhaps related no non-neurotypical issues?

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