Things I read this week that I found interesting

Is it Friday already? It’s Friday, isn’t it? Here’s a round-up of some things I read this week that I found interesting or important, and you might be interested in reading them too. Please leave me any more things I might like to see.

The problem with polynormativity (Sex Geek)- I cannot recommend this exploration of the normativity of the type of poly relationship which is presented to us in the media. It’s a long read, but thoroughly discusses problems that can arise from the couple-form. A must-read, I think, even if you’re not poly, as it challenges a lot of expectations.

I’m sorry if you’re offended (stillicides)- Stillicides writes about the art of the “fauxpology” and how it differs from an apology.

Ableism and apologies (Laurie Penny)- Laurie Penny slipped up and said something ableist. Rather than a week-long Twitter storm, she apologised in this heartfelt post. This should be the norm, not a refreshing exception–at least until we’ve smashed kyriarchy.

An open letter to the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers’ Party from union activists (assorted comrades)- An open letter, urging the SWP Central Committee to work on their terrible approach to gendered sexual violence.

Your rights and mobile fingerprinting (Netpol)- The police have been given the power of mobile fingerprinting during stop and search, and being the police, they’ll probably abuse this power a lot. Please read through this guide to learn your rights if they attempt to do this to you.

It’s time to talk about trigger warnings again, apparently (verasteine)- Good response to the Vagenda nonsense on trigger warnings earlier this week.

Policing Fanguage (Jonnie Marbles)- Poor Jonnie. He loves leaving boxes of snakes lying around, and there’s some mean people who are making him label his venomous snakes.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Blogger Impassioned – Why Do “Angry Women” Scare People So Much? (Carey Purcell)- An exploration of angry women and why we terrify people (particularly men. And patriarchy).

Causes of rape: A statistical analysis (Flightrisker)- An excellent and informative infographic.

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