Things I read this week that I found interesting

Yes, it’s that time of the week again. Here’s some things I read this week that I found interesting, and you might find them interesting too. Also, please share more things that may interest me in the comments.

Reeva Steenkamp (Guardian)- you’ve read a lot about Oscar Pistorius. Read about the life of the woman he killed. It sounds like she was an amazing human being.

White Feminists (TM)- Page Three (Funny Grrrl)- a discussion of class and race issues in the No More Page Three campaign. In short, race very absent, and the campaign is really quite classist.

Exposing the sexism on the pages (Squeamish Bikini)- interesting points about how objectification doesn’t have to involve nudity.

Why No More Page Three is a bad idea in almost every way (Hunter not the hunted)- An very thorough analysis of the flaws of the No More Page Three campaign, picking up some stuff I missed.

Men, we need to engage with women (A dragon’s best friend)- A quick call for men to get better, with a few interesting thoughts on political institutions and squeamishness about bodies.

Django deconstructed: returning Tarantino’s “gift” (Justin Struggles)- Justin analysis Django Unchained, and is fairly unhappy with how the film handled race.

Beyond Silk Roads– Analysis of homosexuality in China and Japan, right up until the beginning of the 20th century.

And finally. As you might be able to tell, I’m furious at Murdoch this week. Here’s a video from back in 2011 of me and some mates torching the last issue of News of the World in a mock funeral. I hope we are doing this for the Sun before long. And then the Mail. All the while muttering “you’re next”. Yes, the bearded man is Mediocre Dave, before you ask.


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