Things I read this week that I found interesting

Hello everyone. This week I haven’t read much due to hectic IRL business, but I did read some things that I found interesting, and maybe you will, too. As always, drop me some links if you think I’ll find it interesting.

Review: Surprises at Theatre Royal, Bath (Mediocre Dave)- Dave went to see a play. He was thoroughly unimpressed at its backwards gender politics in a hilarious fashion.

Kirk Sneade’s candidacy for UCLU Women’s Officer (Major Tom)- Tom explains rampant misogyny in a student election. Trigger warnings.

Men are no victims in this rape apologism debate (Tintinnytins)- A male ally explains some shit that really shouldn’t need explaining, but unfortunately does. Very eloquently.

Yes means Yes, or why safe words might perpetuate rape culture (itsjustahobby)- An interesting take on BDSM safe words, and how they buy into a “no means no” model of consent, with a few examples of what else could be done.

Let’s make all crimes against sex workers hate crimes (Diary of a VirginWhore)- Account of an initiative in Merseyside where crimes against sex workers are treated as a hate crime, and there is some collaboration with the police, leading to far higher conviction rate for rape of sex workers. While I’m not sure about working with the police, it seems like this has gone some way to improving safety.

And finally, listen to the sounds of police scanner radio, with gloomy electronica as a backing track. A delicious aura of the Bad Future.

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