Things I read this week that I found interesting

It’s that time of the week again. Here’s some things I read this week, even if they weren’t necessarily written this week. As always, drop things in the comments that I might like.

Alfie Meadows and Zak King found not guilty! (Defend the Right to Protest)- Just about the best news I’ve heard all week. These two lovely young people, after a two year ordeal, were found unanimously not guilty by the jury. The fight for justice for what the state did to them has just begun.

Another post about rape, assault and yet more excuses (Glosswitch)- Glosswitch identifies an area of rape apologism which is trotted out altogether too frequently.

We need to face up to hatred of prostitutes – among feminists, too (Hannah Betts)- An excellent post on prejudice against sex workers and how it manifests, and its impact.

Yo as a Pronoun (Grammar Girl)- Kids in Baltimore are using a gender-neutral pronoun: “Yo”. Here’s how it works.

Cameron pours his curves into suit for Europe speech (NewsBiscuit)- Spot-on satire of how the media like to report women appearing in public.

New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May Be Good for You (Scientific American)- Short–but highly uncritical–overview of the research into polyamory. Check the last paragraph for some particularly uncritical reporting.

The Luxury of Surprise: Gender and Online Abuse (quiteirregular)- A man writes about how surprising online abuse is to him, and how this is a luxury.

[untitled]– Very sweet little webcomic detailing how terrible we are at talking about mental health problems as a society.

And finally, this is, quite simply, the funniest joke ever written.


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