Farewell, welfare

It is not an April Fool, no matter how much I wished it would be. Over the next month, we will see our fears unfurling. The bedroom tax, the benefit cap, the cuts to legal aid, council cuts, scrapping DLA, Universal Credit, the butchering of the NHS. It will all come this month.

And it will hit the most vulnerable the hardest: the sick and disabled, the poor, women, and especially those experiencing intersecting layers of oppression. It is clear why they are doing this: those who are the most vulnerable, they believe, are powerless to resist. They do not want a repeat of 2010. They do not want any sort of resistance, so they pick on those they believe to be least capable of doing so.

We will see deaths. We will see lives ruined, and mental and physical health declining as people struggle to survive in the immense stress the bastards in Westminster have forced upon them. It is bad now; it will get worse. They have made it that way.

And they expect people to quietly lie down and die, out of sight. All the while, they will slander those they have abused, saying they were undeserving of the means to survive. They will repeat the same fictions over and over, and credulous apologists will swallow these narratives wholesale.

Yet as it gets progressively worse, it will be harder to hide the lies, harder to hide this heinous violence the state are perpetrating. It will become clearer and clearer what they are doing.

And they have given us nothing to lose.

People are better than those who want to rule over others. We will face their attacks with solidarity, we will watch what they are doing and we will not allow the murders they commit to be hidden. We will observe, growing ever more furious.

And we will fight back. We are under attack, and we will defend ourselves from this onslaught. We will be avenge those killed by these bastards.

We know what they are doing.

And we are not as powerless as they like to think.

8 thoughts on “Farewell, welfare”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I’ve been feeling panicky about this all morning, but your post has made me feel that there’s hope left for us. I won’t let those fuckers push me into giving up.

  2. Keep talking, keep writing, keep shouting, keep arguing. Don’t make it easy for things you don’t want to be done by people who’s job it is to represent you, and don’t allow people who don’t know better to imagine that it’s right, fair or good.

  3. Because lots of people are scared, here’s a reminder that PIP is *not* replacing DLA all at once everywhere. It’s being trialled in a few postcodes at first and there may yet be changes before it gets to where you are. If you’re currently receiving an indefinite award of DLA you will continue to recieve DLA wherever you live until 2015. Please use this checking tool to find out how the changeover will affect you: https://www.gov.uk/pip-checker

  4. As welfare shrinks away, so does the state pension under the flat rate pension changes, that do not mean a flat rate for all of £155, but less even down to £38 per week after 45 years work, or NIL FOR A GREAT MANY especially women.

    See why at the end of my petition, in my Why is this important section, at:

    You might care to widely share my petitioin, to forewarn men and women in good enough time in this Work til you die or starve if you can’t flat rate.

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