Things I read this week that I found interesting

It’s weekly round-up time again. Here are the things I read this week that interested me. Please leave me more things.

Call out culture: what we can learn from ‘To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang’ (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- Take a bit of time out to read Reni’s analysis and watch both videos. I did, and I emerged a hell of a lot smarter.

The disposable academic (The Economist)-  A deep critique of the science PhD system. This article came out while I was doing my PhD, but I never read it then. I sometimes wonder if things would have changed had I read it at the time: would I have got out earlier?

Thatcher’s Funeral – From the Most Vulnerable of All (Diary of a Benefits Scrounger)- Read this. Get angry.

on the flipside. (Arched Eyebrow)- A very honest discussion of the impact of fatphobia.

Dear Kate Nash (A Glasgow Sex Worker)- A sex worker calls Kate Nash out on oppressive language. Kate Nash responds… poorly.

My Emcee Battle Against the Disney Princesses (Anya de Leon)- This amazing woman has found a creative solution to protecting her daughter from internalising Disney Princess narratives.

On “Nice” Rapists (Raised on a diet of broken biscuits)- One of those posts that I wish didn’t need to be written, but it puts the point very eloquently.

Stop posting that Dove ad: “Real beauty” campaign is not feminist (Erin Keane)- Dove are at it again, and it’s still that same old shit.

I’m Not Racist But.. Top 10 (Left at the Lights)- Just a small sampling of racist comments that Sam Ambreen has heard.

The hierarchy of oppression (fearlessknits)- Interesting discussion of sex, gender and how we can fight the good fight.

Taking a long hard look in the mirror…Or why Tefs need to think about what they fear. (itsjustahobby)- A very interesting theory on trans-exclusionary feminists.

An unfortunately Islamophobic defence of New Atheism against claims of Islamophobia (Frightful Spitefuel)- New Atheists. Eurgh. I just can’t. Luckily, Spitefuel did.

Oh ye cannae shove your Gramsci off the bus (Ally Fogg)- An analysis of calling out, with reference to Gramsci.

And finally, if you’re old enough to remember Round The Twist, and you use Twitter, you’ll love this.

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