Things I read this week that I found interesting

You know the drill by now.

Insurrections at the intersections: feminism, intersectionality and anarchism (Abbey Volcano and J Rogue)- A really good critique of what is lacking from intersectionality. A must-read, it’ll only make us stronger.

A slightly different plea for unity (Blue Laser)- Dear friends, this is a manifesto for unity. Read it, share it, live by it.

Choice, neoliberal, libertarian feminism and intersectionality bullies (Flavia Dzodan)- Flavia critiques a dominant model of feminism and how women erased from this model are labelled bullies.

What I mean when I say I’m sex critical (Kitty Stryker)- Kitty identifies and outlines her critique of sex and sex positivity. Sex critical strikes me as a very useful frame of reference.

Embracing uncertainty: What does it really mean? (Rewriting the Rules)- Meg Barker discusses embracing uncertainty in relationships, and what it means to do it.

Let’s Have a Conversation About Compromise and Consent (Writing from Factor X)- An interesting critique of enthusiastic consent, from an asexual perspective, highlighting things I’d never given much thought before.

Ally club (thisisthinprivilege)- A useful set of rules for allies, presented in a fun way.

“We’re not all like that” (Loud & Proud)- On why white allies shouldn’t just pop up saying “we’re not all like that”.

“White People Fatigue Syndrome” (The Feminist Griote)- An excellent piece on how exhausting it can be supporting white allies. So, white allies, let’s try to get better.

Don’t put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington (itsjustahobby)- Some anti sex work feminists ask “but what if your daughter wanted to be a sex worker?” Jem hands them their arses.

If you’re mentally ill, you can’t make decisions of your own free will (Fat and Sassy)- Unpicking further oppressions in an anti sex work line.

Deciphering the Anti Intersectional White Feminists and TERFS (Sam Ambreen)- A handy translation guide.

Why The Trans Community Hates Dr. Janice G. Raymond (TransGriot)- A reminder of just how long the nastiness from TERFs has been around.

“Lesbian” is not a dirty word (Thé Tulloch)- On erasure of the lesbian contribution to feminism.

I’m staying (Mister Gryphon)- A personal account of discovery of gender and sexual identity.

A Generation of Voyeurs (Red Headed League)- An analysis of online feminism and how it can work.

This is what rape culture looks like (Maeve)- Maeve bravely analyses a few samples of shit Ched Evans fans say.

A defence of twitter feminism (zedkat)- Sneering at Twitter feminists seems to be a hobby among the commentariat. Zed writes a defence, with reference to a very tangible victory.


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