What the fuck, York Uni?

So, for some reason, York University Students Union is refusing to support a new Feminism Society. Their reasoning is fairly nonsensical, saying that the Women’s Committee branch of the union does pretty much the same thing so there’s no need for a feminism society.

Which would be all well and good, if, you know, having officers responsible for making sure equality on campus and having a space for feminist discussions was the same thing. Which they aren’t. Obviously.

Anyway, feminists in York are rightly pissed off at this nonsense and trying to make some noise. I support their attempt to get recognition and a space to meet.

Give them some friendly words if you support them too, and you might also be interested in signing this petition.

2 thoughts on “What the fuck, York Uni?”

  1. SIGNED, with: ‘If students are willing to set up and run their own society, why stop them? Considering that feminism is a political movement, York SU is stopping people from making their voice heard. As highlighted in the Independent, York SU has two campus newspapers, covering the same stories and sports… but all of a sudden, you can’t have two similar groups? Women’s Committee is strictly for women. Feminist Society would be open to ALL genders. The Women’s Committee is a branch of the Union and a Liberation and Welfare committee, NOT a Society, and is more for a balanced representation on decisions made. Feminist Society WOULD be a Society, and would be for feminist discussion.

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