Things I read this week that I found interesting

I read a lot of things this week, and found them interesting. Perhaps you will, too.

1 in 2 and 77.7p – some numbers (zedkat)- zedkat presents some stark statistics on women with disabilities. Well worth reading and discussing.

Identity Politics and Shared Humanity (quite irregular)- Jem smashes the classic red herrings of “I believe in equality” and blah blah identity politics blah.

Everything you know about drugs is wrong (Tessie Swope Castillo)- Examining the racism in drug policy.

Redefining Feminism: Overcoming the Legacy of Exclusion (Sarah Salem)- Important piece questioning white supremacy in feminism.

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: women of color’s issue with digital feminism (Mikki Kendal)- By far the best thing I’ve seen on this in the mainstream media.

We Need to Talk About Hugo, Race, and Feminism (Bitch Magazine)- A handy round-up of recent conversations.

Dear Men (Shakesville)- On ownership and the “not all like that” myth.

“I felt so bad, so violated …” (Scot Pep)- Accounts from workers who were recent victims of sauna raids in Edinburgh.

Government to “get to grips” with Rape-Porn (Obscenity Lawyer)- Thorough overview of the hot mess that is the government’s plans.

i was a misogynist (to a fault)- A reflective piece, confronting internalised misogyny.

Developing a better call-out culture (Queste Desmarais)- Thoughtful piece on call out culture, abuse, and the importance of starting with ourselves.

You’re probably more racist and sexist than you think (Oliver Burkeman)- I’ve been banging on about this since forever, but it’s nice to see the Guardian join the party.

Dear 50 Shades fan: BDSM doesn’t need or want your defense. (Jenny Trout)- Excellent piece on BDSM and abuse, with one of the best opening lines I’ve seen in a long time,

And finally, fuck it, here’s a livestream of some kittens. At time of writing, they’re asleep in a little furry pile.

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