Things I read this week that I found interesting

Good morning. I have so many links this week that my tab-anxiety is working in overdrive and I’ll try and round them all up before I panic-close everything because it’s all a bit much. Give me more links, you sexy beasts.

Things women say that you hate hearing all the time (Ramona’s blog)- Naming a manarchist problem, wittily.

Manarchism, or, how to hurt a man’s feelings. (itisiwhowillit)- Continuing to name that manarchist problem, wittily.

“the CPU is not made for this motherboard” (Helen G)- Really good primer on Chelsea Manning.

Living in truth: Chelsea Manning in prison (a paper bird)- Context to Chelsea Manning’s story and how gay activists ignore trans women. Note: last time I read it there was some spotty misgendering of Chelsea which the author will clean up.

Some thoughts about sexual normativity in food writing (Flavia Dzodan)- Very readable analysis, articulating an issue I’d never given much thought.

The Road to Roe (Cynthia Greenlee-Donnell)- On the role of women of colour in abortion rights struggles in the US, a group notably erased and instrumentalised.

Someone else’s story: on sexual questions (halfabear)- Hilarious response to a really common question a woman with paraplegia gets a lot.

The Problem with Individualistic Knowledge (BoldlyGo)- On Fry, Dawkins and a load of Kant.

Law cannot determine whether Assange is guilty of sexual assault (Sarah Keenan)- Excellent analysis of a derailing tactic used by AssAngels.

how not to treat mental illness. (itisiwhowillit)- Really excellent short post on two mistakes people make when talking about mental health.

It’s only words: psychosis, ‘evil’, & (self-)stigma (zedkat)- Why the association of “evil” with psychosis needs to die.

“Apology accepted” and other things I’ll never get to say to my former diet counselors (Lesley)- A look at the diet industry and how vile it is.

Shoreditch’s curious people (This Day)- On the violence of UKBA raids.

On race, feminism and activism- my speech for UK Feminsta Summer School 2013 (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- Blisteringly brilliant.

And finally, what memes would cats produce if they ran the internet? Also, since I’m feeling generous, hipster Jon Snow.



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