Things I read this week that I found interesting

This week, I have been mostly playing Pokemon. Still. I also read some things. Perhaps you will find them interesting. I did.

On The Male Privilege That I Totally Have. (Alien She)- A badass trans sister says some shit that really doesn’t need saying.

An open letter to the men of the world (Days Like Crazy Paving)- Blisteringly brilliant.

Victim blaming: the easy option? (Sarah Thomasin)- On a very common reaction to abuse.

How *not* to write a blog about sex work (Sometimes, its just a cigar)- A useful primer on pitfalls to avoid, with reference to a particularly terrible example.

12 Angry Men… Or a dozen confused folk? The weeks in 1998 that changed me forever. (gibbsgubbins)- An account of being on a jury, and how the writer doesn’t trust jury verdicts anymore.

The hypocrisy of calling for anonymity for rape defendants (sian and crooked rib)- Bookmark this for when that waahmbulance ride of an argument comes up.

Battles of Cable Street (Michael Richmond)- Contextualising the Tower Hamlets antifascist arrests.

Allies Who Are Not Allies (Eponymous Fliponymous)- A story about needing a towtruck, which articulates a problem neatly.

And finally, this is the finest tumblr ever, fulfilling all your definitely-not-misandrist needs.


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