Things I read this week that I found interesting

See above.

The Idea of Feminism Isn’t The Problem; The Current Manifestation Of “Mainstream Feminism” Is (Gradient Lair)- An absolutely must-read piece.

If You Masturbate To This, Then Your Children Will Be Next (nyebaron)- Excellent stuff on David Blunkett’s nonsense.

How to Be an Ally to Trans Women (Julia Serano)- An excerpt from her new book, which you should probably read.

When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink? (Jeanne Maglaty)- Fascinating article about the history of baby clothes.

Being bisexual and dating a trans person (Cis is not a dirty word)- Beautiful and heartfelt.

No one campaigns for back street abortions… (everyday whorephobia)- Deconstruction of a double standard within feminism.

We Won’t Kick Transphobia Out of Football with Rainbow Laces (Useful Nuisance)- A deconstruction of S’onewall’s latest crap.

And finally, here is Mads Mikkelsen near a cat, because apparently pictures of him holding one don’t exist and this breaks my heart a tiny bit.

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