3 thoughts on “Wrote a thing about rape apologism”

  1. Rapists are the only ones who are guilty of rape. But on the subject of alcohol, how is excessive drinking ever a good thing for anyone? When is someone going to address the alcohol culture. Can it be that alcoholics rule the world?

    1. “How is excessive drinking ever a good thing for anyone?” Oh god not another one. Who are you or anyone to tell me what to put in my body? It’s not a “culture of alcohol”, it’s a culture of abusing the weak and powerless. Taking away booze wouldn’t change a damn thing.

      I swear to god, you slam the door shut in the you’re-a-bad-girler’s faces, and the “it’s not good for you to do that we’re just concerned with your health”-ists climb in through the window.

  2. Emily Yoffe does *not* say that 80% of college tape victims had been drinking. She says that “alcohol was involved” 80% of the time (75% of perpetrators, 55% of victims were drinking) and that the victims were drinking “the majority of the time.” The conclusion she draws is that women need to be more aware of their vulnerability, which I’m confused by.

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