Things I read this week that I found interesting

I read things, and would like to read more things. So here’s some things I found interesting, please stick more in the comments.

Another Sex/Gender Controversy (Skepchick)- An excellent takedown of the received wisdoms about “biological sex” often espoused by bigots and ignorant people. Bookmark it so you can fling it at people when they’re spouting that shite.

Gender Is More Than Performance (Julia Serano)- Tackling the other side of a nest of nonsense.

A Rough Draft on Rape Culture in Anarchist Subcultures (Doom! Doom! Doom!)- A fairly old piece but oh my sweet fuck this is great. Names the problem so eloquently. Note that it predates so many of the recent flare-ups.

Why I won’t call myself a “slut” (Lutze B.)- A perspective on “slut-shaming” and white feminism.

Glorification of Celebrity Dicks – Stop It. (Full Commujism)- Gloriously sweary takedown of Russell Brand.

I don’t stand with Russell Brand, and neither should you (Natasha Lenard)- Less sweary, if that’s your cup of tea.

Another attack on the most vulnerable- my mission to find a school for my son (bottomfacedotcom)- A heartbreaking account of disablism in the education system.

“Witch Hunts”, “Pitchforks” and Privilege’s Fear of the Mob (Infantile Disorder)- Why is it that the powerful fear the mob. Good analysis here.

Outcasts Among Outcasts: Injection Drug-Using Sex Workers in the Sex Workers’ Rights Movement (Suzyhooker)- Interviews with a marginalised set of voices. Eye-opening.

Outing, platforms, harassment and privilege (Jem)- A must read on outing and power and how it affects trans women and sex workers.

And finally, fellow internet feminists will probably relate to a lot of this.



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