Things I read this week that I found interesting

Well, it looks like Lily Allen is dominating my links. I do wish feminism would sort its shit out so there wasn’t as much that needed critiquing. As it stands, I’ve divided the links. But ho hum. Anyway. Here’s some links. Drop me more if you’re that way inclined.

Must-read critiques of that fucking Lily Allen video

I included these critiques because they all add something different, presenting a pretty thorough picture of why it pisses off women of colour so much. I recommend you read them all.

Culturally Clueless: Race, Feminism & Lily Allen’s Hard Out Here Video  (Alex McPherson)

A Quick Comment on ‘Hard Out Here’ (Black Feminists)

Lily Allen’s Racist New Music Video, “Hard Out Here” (#BlackinAsia)

Silly Allen (Sam Ambreen)

Misogyny, Racism and Dick Pics: Why We Need to Aim Higher with our Intellectual Icons (Raised On A Diet Of Broken Biscuits)

Other stuff

[untitled] (Brooke Magnanti)- Brooke analyses the level of transmisogyny that the media consider to be acceptable.

Insidious: Sinister Heteronormativity in the Dark Skies of Paranormal Activity (Laura Buttrick)- Laura looks at horror films and the heteronormative tropes that are perpetuated in them.

Wrecking Ball Feminism. (The Book Lantern)- Four feminists discuss Miley.

Transgender women in women’s restrooms: A purely imagined harm (Zinnia Jones)- Zinnia hits back against some horrid transphobic bullshit going on across the pond.

TDoR For, By, and About Trans Women Of Color Now (fakecisgirl)- A very important opener to a conversation that needs having.

Remember Storm? We check in on the baby being raised gender-neutral– A really heartwarming piece on a very sweet family who are letting their youngest child choose their gender identity.

And finally, got a hangover? Which of these cats are you? Also, might as well link to this noble project, of every single Buffy episode ranked in order of quality. I think it goes a bit easy on Season 6, but I can’t be arsed to make my own.

3 thoughts on “Things I read this week that I found interesting”

  1. hey, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate these round ups you do. I consider myself a feminist, but there is always so much to learn! These really help me, so thank you.

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