Things I read this week that I found interesting

Good afternoon, darlings. I read some things this week. Would you like to see them? As always, please do drop things in the comments which might interest me.

New insights into gendered brain wiring, or a perfect case study in neurosexism? (Cordelia Fine)- Cordelia Fine smacks down the latest “male and female brains are different” nonsense, and it’s magnificent.

Mandela will never, ever be your minstrel. (Musa Okwonga)- Bloody hell, just read this.

Three Myths about Mandela Worth Busting (Tony Karon)- …and this.

My Mandela Tweets (BlackAmazon)- …and also this.

cis women are cisgender even if gender essences aren’t real (radtransfem)- A really good conversation starter.

A few words on privilege… (Paul Bernal)- A rich white cis guy writes about privilege, and says something that isn’t awful. Really.

The Discomfort Zone (Tressie McMillan Cottom)- An excellent takedown of the “white people learning about structural racism is as bad as racism itself” narratives, framed around a recent US case.

When is it appropriate to gender things? (Milena Popova)- A PSA about gendering objects.

[untitled] (How are you I’m fine thanks)- Heartfelt cartoon about body image.

Student protests are changing tack – and facing heavy police repression (Aaron Bastani)- Aaron describes the current state of the student movement and the frightening state of policing.

The University is dead… and cop free zones! (copsoffcampus)- The case for making university campuses police-free areas.

‘Dear Vice-Chancellor’ – a porter’s resignation letter (libcom)- A porter at Sussex Uni resigns over outsourcing, with the most glorious resignation letter.

And finally, want to know how to be a feminist? These stock pictures should help.

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