3 thoughts on “I found a script for Doctor Who.”

  1. Yes. Moffat killed Dr Who for me. I still kinda half watch it, because the kids like it & it’s on, but gone are the days when I used to go “OMG! Doctor Who’s on! Quick! Switch it over!” & would scramble to get everything I needed to sit & watch it avidly.

    I’m so sad about this. They killed my fandom.

  2. Not unmitigated. There were three things I liked – the weeping angels popping up out of the snow like meerkats, the doctor doing the dramatic walking out of an explosion thing while swinging his cane like a silent movie comedian and…um…I liked some of the Papal Mainframe stuff when it wasn’t Tasha licking the Doctor.

    So there…two scenes and one underdeveloped idea

    The rest felt like recycled scenes and recycled issues (are there any better avatars of Moffat’s women than Tasha and Clara? The care-giving, romantically available but sexually undemanding helpmeet in Clara and the independent, sexually available but romantically unwanted cougar.)

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