Russell Brand deserves no praise or gratitude

Regular readers will be aware I’m no fan of either Russell Brand (misogynist turdbagel) or No More Page 3 (too liberal to function). So, when I saw this tweet, I felt like I needed gloves to handle the sheer quantities of ewwww that it generated.

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It’s hard to work out where to begin with this, so maybe I’ll counterintuitively start at the end with the reaction. It’s been rather gross to see feminists falling over themselves to praise Russell Brand for taking a free t-shirt and tweeting a picture of himself with it. That’s hardly a conversion, or a redemption narrative. That’s taking a t-shirt and not even bothering to wear it. 

I somehow doubt that Russell Brand has slain his internal sexism. It would take rather a lot of work to get over such unpleasant behaviour as bragging to a woman’s grandfather about her sexual behaviour, or prank calling a rape hotline. Frankly, I don’t think an expression of support for one small thing in any way makes up for what he did, and in order to move forward, first he must show understanding of his past sexism and hold himself to account for this.

Of course, that’s a moot point, when the very tweet in which he ostensibly renounces sexism is dripping with benevolent sexism. It was not winning the argument that brought Russell Brand round. It was a sexy lady with her magic lovely lady powers. It is only in thinking about where he could put his dick that Russell Brand was persuaded to take a photo of himself holding a t-shirt. He admitted this himself. And something murky lurks beneath this “good woman” narrative–none of the other women were good enough. No other women in Russell Brand’s life are apparently worthy to convince him that women are actually human. No wonder he treated Katy Perry so appallingly–she wasn’t good enough. It has handed the fedora brigade an excuse for sexism: if women won’t have sex with them, how can they learn not to be sexist dickwaggles?

It is only the good that can change the hearts and minds of sexists through having sex with them, says Russell Brand, to rapturous applause from liberal feminists.

And who was this good woman who managed to change Russell Brand’s mind? None other than Jemima Khan, who posted bail for Julian Assange. Forgive me for becoming even more pessimistic.

Russell Brand deserves no praise or gratitude for his participation in a blatant publicity stunt to get the heat off him a bit. He knows by now that women think he is a sexist bellend and has made a rather pisspoor effort at trying to deflect this criticism. Whether you support No More Page 3 or not, there is no reason to fawn over Russell Brand for this tweet. Let time be the judge of whether he has changed or not.

6 thoughts on “Russell Brand deserves no praise or gratitude”

  1. Totally love this article. That tweet was gross. This line is my favourite, ‘if women won’t have sex with them, how can they learn not to be sexist dickwaggles?’.

    It generally bothers me how much praise men get for their ‘anti-sexism’ given that it’s easy for them to be ‘anti-sexist’ online without being called a bitch or getting rape threats in their inbox.

  2. I’M OUT ON THE JURY ON THIS ONE………My instinct when he first came on T.V. was to switch the damn thing off….so arrogant repellent and totally lacking in respect for others almost desperate for ego attention whether it meant rubbing his crotch in peoples faces in order to prove his prowess or humiliating others by becoming intensely personal or sexual to create an embarrassing public humour moment at others expense………

    In some ways I still feel he has a long way to tread before erasing some of his major personality problems, but then so do all of us.I started to revise my thoughts on him when he spoke very candidly about his own struggle with drugs.It was candid, very revealing and eloquent.He resonated the truth and hit the nail on the head in a way that phoney politicians can’t. He also showed a compassionate side and maintained his humour but this time it was not directed at anyone apart from himself and the problems that he still encounters as a recovering junkie and alcoholic….

    I think that when you consider this fact-it seems no wonder he came across to many as such an ‘ass hole’ a few years back.. BUT he has made a massive commitment to stay clean and his campaigning to make positive changes is in fact an escape plan to try and redeem himself when he has been so public in self mutilation…perhaps make good while trying to escape the inner turmoil that lead him to such extreme abuse in the first place.

    The residue of recovering junkie alcoholics is that they have to transcend the user and abuser that no longer respects anything because they no longer have the full capacity to care…..they are fuck ups, starting with themselves but resonating all their disequilibrium onto their families, friends communities etc….some lose their souls but some know how close they have come to living death…….With that perspective I can feel compassion for this young man who still is fighting demons.

    Finally, he is a bright button and a wit and sometimes a nitwit but thank the Goddess his name is not Russell Bland.

  3. brand has found jemima khan, a member of one of the wealthiest families in the uk.
    he may have found she seems to agree with his leftie views but his ‘conversion’ is about trying to convince jemima / her family and friends that he isn’t the arrogant narcissistic freakshow that is his reputation.
    thrice the sun’s ‘shagger of the year’ (nothing sexist about that) he is now trying to distance himself from that reputation. he claims he now hates the sun / murdoch having worked for them for years.
    he is actually suing the sun for saying he slept with some model while dating jemima.
    when he says he didn’t like being married because having sex with one woman only placed him one ahead of a monk, how does he square that with jemima? oh dear, i didn’t really mean it?
    i think all the current frummery from the loathesome person that is brand is based on trying to impress people who wouldn’t ordinarily allow someone like him to enter through the front door.
    i give it a year with jemima before she gives him the boot.

  4. He hasn’t changed a jot – remember that story recently about him sexually harrassing a junior worker into showing him her breasts on th set of a film? Same sh*t, different name.

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