In which Brendan O’Neill is, obviously, wrong again (and a weeping poxy chode)

Regular readers will know that I’m hardly a fan of Brendan O’Neill. And so it gives me no surprise to report that once again, he is seeping wrongness everywhere, this time about the Olympics up at Sochi.

Brendan’s got his knickers in a twist that everyone has come out in support of gay rights, and there are rainbows everywhere, and wonders if it’s just an excuse to get at Russia, and doesn’t think all of that will make a blind bit of difference to the level of support for Putin. You can read some highlights here, because fuck off am I going to link to it.

Now, I’ve also been pissed off about the ubiquitous rainbows and wondered if these hollow gestures are mostly an excuse to get at Russia, and I doubt it’ll change Russian policy. However, there’s a key difference between these critiques: I’m not a colossal raging homophobe, but Brendan O’Neill is. See, ultimately Brendan’s problem is that all of this is laying the groundwork for a big queer takeover, and the pink tanks will roll in and massacre red-blooded straighties like Brendan and Putin. Seriously.

“Over Sochi, the same sense of camp disgust with gruff blokes is being expressed, only this time an army of both straight and gay Westerners are wagging a finger at the backward antics of super-hetero Putin and his dumb, automaton supporters among the Russian masses.


“Where once the world was divided between the civilised and the savage, now it’s split between the gay-friendly and the homophobic. Welcome to the era of Queer Imperialism. How long before a Western nation goes so far as to bomb a country that is insufficiently gay-friendly?”

Now, I wish for nothing more than for the Queer Empire to have Brendan O’Neill shot into the sun with our special bespoke glitter cannons, but unfortunately, we have neither the resources nor the infrastructure to do this. Once again, we see Brendan O’Neill is fighting against imaginary enemies. I’d feel sorry for someone so deeply paranoid and terrified all the time, were he not such an obnoxious, gaping shitcake.

And it’s sad in a way, because perhaps Queer Imperialism is a good word for the direction that homonationalism–the incorporation of queerness into neoliberal values–seems to be taking. I propose, in fact, that we steal that phrase off of Brendan O’Neill, because it will piss him off and it kind of neatly articulates the problem. Nations don’t care about queer rights, unless it is an excuse to condemn others. The evidence stacks up day by day: here is the only the most recent story I have seen from the UK–who haven’t sent the Prime Minister to Sochi it would look bad–on how queer asylum seekers are forced to prove their sexual orientation. Queer Imperialism isn’t by the queers or for the queers: we’re instrumentalised as a barometer of human rights, and an excuse where needed.

Of course, Brendan O’Neill is just trolling, but the reason his trolling is so effective is this level of homophobia is how some people think. They think of us as colonisers, rather than colonised. And it is stupid and wrong, but really prevalent. And that’s why I took the time to respond to it, even briefly.

7 thoughts on “In which Brendan O’Neill is, obviously, wrong again (and a weeping poxy chode)”

  1. How exactly does one go about proving their sexual orientation ? I am sure some may use this as an illegal means to acquire entry to a foreign country but it is dehumanising for those who are genuine. I would let anyone in and would not dream of asking such a ridiculous question. Short of getting them to perform a physical act on someone of the same sex how is one to demonstrate it ? Do straights get asked the same question ? No of course not so why do gays get asked it then ?

    I had never heard of Brendan O Neill before. He does seem very anxious about all things gay though does he not ? He seems to think they all want to take over the world. Given that the number as a percentage of the total population as a whole is only three per cent that may be somewhat difficult now. So he can rest assured on that at least. And honestly ! Getting upset because The Guardian changed its masthead ! Is that so serious that he has to reference it ? Sadly I am not at all surprised at his views as homophobia is very much alive in Twenty Fourteen even in liberal democracies like mine [ United Kingdom ] It is a continuing battle. The best one can do is provide moral support for all LGBT and try in every insignificant way to reduce the prejudice that exists in society towards this section of it. Keep on flying those rainbow flags even if it does make Brendan O Neill unhappy. For his prejudice is his problem not yours. Maybe one day he shall see the error of his ways. Wishful thinking in all probability but one has to live in hope. One has to live in hope

  2. “Queer Imperialism isn’t by the queers or for the queers: we’re instrumentalised as a barometer of human rights, and an excuse where needed.”

    I thought this word was pinkwashing? That’s the term I’ve seen used when pro-Israel peeps claim anyone who supports Palestine is de-facto a homophobe because Israel is *so ossom* towards the queers. So you either support them or hate gays.

    1. That, or “homonationalism”. There’s some good words around. Mostly, I want more because I hate Brendan so hard 😉

      1. I can’t believe he didn’t go with ‘Imqueerialism’. It was *right there* and he didn’t seize the moment. The language nerd in me is almost more appalled than the pro-gay bits are.

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