Things I read this week that I found interesting

Hello everyone. I read things. Here are some things I read this week that I found interesting.

Put a Rainbow on It– Excellent documentary on recuperation and pinkwashing.

Sochi 2014- So far, So Gay (A Thousand Flowers)- Round-up of the bullshit surrounding Sochi from “allies” so far.

I Did Not Sign On For the #Outrage (Alexander Chee)- Ignore the subeditor stuff, this is something about Twitter written by someone who gets it.

9 Ways To Be In Solidarity With Sex Workers (small time hooker)- Some simple things we can all do to support sex workers.

Sara Ahmed on attacks on women of colour being disguised as critique of identity politics and intersectionality– A storify of some excellent analysis.

“You can’t do that! Stories have to be about White people” (Hip Hop Teacher)- On white supremacy and a way of getting through it.

The significance of plot without conflict (still eating oranges)- Conflict in plots is actually quite a Western idea.

Class Consciouness (sometimes, it’s just a cigar)- On class and enjoyment of sex.

A Peaceful Death (Phoebe Day Danziger)- A thoughtful and moving piece on abortion as end of life care.

I could pick a side… but I won’t (yetanotherlefty)- Blistering response to a common biphobic trope.

Hugs, if wanted. (sometimes, it’s just a cigar)- On consent for non-sexual touching.

Fragments on Intersectionality, Anger & the Left (Automatic Writing)- This is really good.

Valentine’s Day Isn’t to Be ‘Survived’ (Feminista Jones)- Takedown of patent media nonsense relating to Valentine’s Day.

And finally, animals with their babies.

One thought on “Things I read this week that I found interesting”

  1. Good stuff as usual stavvers. Read some of it but not all of it because only books can make me do that now. So in no particular order here we go

    I never use twitter myself and never will because reducing expression to a hundred and forty characters is just not on. And as for insults well I am way too old to be engaging in that nonsense so on that count it is out too. As far as apologies go they work better the shorter they are. A bit like acceptance speeches at awards ceremonies. Too long and they can give the impression of justification rather than contrition. So just say I fucked up. It was all my fault. I am truly sorry. I will learn from this and not do it again. Twenty two words. You are apologising not giving a speech so let brevity prevail instead

    Totally agree with you about Valentines Day. I am not a woman but I am single and shall be for the remainder of my life. I do not need the love of another human being to feel complete. Not having it therefore makes no difference. You are bang on about the commercial overdrive too. So let us be grateful it only comes once a year

    I agree with everything you said about the nature of hugs. Bang on. just because physical contact is non sexual does not mean consent should not be required. Not everyone likes being hugged. The English apparently do not approve of such touchy feely invasion of privacy but that is just a generalisation now. But even if we did consent would still be required. I know it sounds very clinical and spontaneity free but consent has to be given. This is not rocket science now. The boundaries may be somewhat blurred between friends or lovers but even here there still should be respect for bodily autonomy in principle at least

    Do you know why many American blacks have English surnames ? Because of slavery. I did not know that. Well now you do. Did you also know that the term nitty gritty was originally racist ? No I di not know that either. Well you see it is not only the white man who can teach other white men all about history. You learnt two things today. One from a black man and one from a black woman. You remember that now. And go read some black literature once in a while too. A break from all that white man philosophy stuff you are so fond of. Go on now

    Plots without conflicts ? If it is good then I do not actually care but I would be lying if I said it did not bother me if I never read another plot with conflict work of fiction as it seem to be the natural default position. You see there you go again with your white man perspective. Stop being so damned insular. Seriously go and read something outside your comfort zone. Anything. Anything at all. Just one book. That is all I am asking. You can surely manage that now ?

    Keep them coming stavvers. Keep them coming. Keep making me question. It is the only way. I am so glad I found this blog. What a shame it is not very populated. But that aside no complaints. None whatsoever. So carry on then. Carry on educating me

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