Things I read this week that I found interesting

I read things. Here are some of them. I found them interesting. I hope you will too.

Why you shouldn’t get cancer under the coalition (There Is No Alternative)- A heartbreaking story from Cel. Read and share, everywhere. This is the current state of things.

Heart of Oscar’s defence: Imagined threat of a black stranger (Margie Orford)- An examination of the racist myths Oscar Pistorius will use in his defence.

Heroines of Cinema: 10 Trans Actors Who Could Have Played Jared Leto’s Role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ (Matthew Hammett Knott)- Trans actors are already there. Here’s a list of ten awesome women.

In Desperation – Letters to the Abortion Law Reform Association from the 1960s (BPAS)- A little piece of history, letters seeking advice about abortion when it was illegal.

I’m Finally Revealing My Name and Face As the Duke Porn Star (Belle Knox)- Some glorious defiance in this personal piece about being a woman who appeared in porn.

Why I can’t stand white belly dancers (Randa Jarrar)- Excellent angry piece on appropriation.

I’m a bad feminist (Helena Horton)- Helena writes about that “does liking X make me a bad feminist” bollocks, and why it’s a nonsense.

5 Big Problems With Compassion-Baiting (Kate Loncke)- While this has quite a Buddhist slant on it, anyone will probably relate to the core problem it outlines: that silencing tactic where your interlocutor wails “show some compassion”.

And finally, if you grew up in the 90s, you’ll almost certainly want to collect some sweetcorn too. And, bonus content. teh menz asked Becca to make a sandwich, so Becca made a sandwich…

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