Things I read this week that I found interesting

Hello everyone! I read things. I find them interesting. Maybe you will, too.

I, too, am Oxford– Photo project documenting racism still rife at Oxford.

Culturally Gendered Dysphoria (This Too Shall Pass)- On culture and hair removal.

5 Thoughts on Abolishing The Met (James Butler)- Important ACAB thoughts from James.

Blue Valentine (Left At The Lights)- Sam saw Blue Valentine and had some thoughts.

Marketisation of education: stress and knowledge (Caffeinated Perspectives)- On the state of academia.

Beyoncé, #BanBossy and Feminist Credentialism (Gradient Lair)- On the clusterfuck of the latest Lean In initiative.

TERFs offer only hyperbole (Cristan Williams)- Pointing out how little sense TERf ideology makes.

Will nobody listen to the sex workers? (Melissa Gira Grant)- You know how I told all of you to read Playing The Whore? Here’s an extract. Read it.

And finally, have some beautiful fetish photos from the 1920s.


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