Things I read this week that I found interesting

Stavvers shares links while hungover to fuck, once again. For context, this is what I look like. Anyway. Links.

The Body Is Not Gender: Laura Jane Grace Of Against Me! Interviewed (Petra Davis)- Beautiful interview with Laura Jane Grace about gender and femininity.

‘Race Equality Is Gender Equality’ (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- Interview with Dr Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, who coined the term “intersectionality”.

On loving all things femme (Emma Quite Frankly)- Excellent post on the devaluing of femme and “pink stinks” type stuff.

In praise of the women of Elementary (Alana Marcuso)- If you’re not watching Elementary, do. It’s got some really good women in it.

Inherited wealth is an injustice. Let’s end it (James Butler)- I feel like every time I link to James’s writing, I call it a “rousing call to arms”, but this is one.

Interracial Relationships in the BDSM Lifestyle (Valerie_JeanC)- A discussion of issues affecting interracial relationships in the BDSM community.

Why Affirming Bisexuality Is A Public Health Concern (Zack Ford)- On bullshit about “proving” bisexuality exists and why it’s important to just listen to bisexuals.

Feminist Times should not cover trans-exclusive events (Nicole Froio)- I really, really hope the FT reads this, as it explains the issues so clearly.

So much for the so-called people’s police, if they treat protesters like this (Nina Power)- A very important piece on the relationship between the police and the public.

In the Booth with Ruth – Pye Jakobsson, Sex Workers’ Rights Activist from Sweden (Ruth Jacobs)- Discussion of the pros and cons of sex worker rights advocates working with anti-trafficking organisations.

And finally, classical paintings with added hip hop lyrics.


2 thoughts on “Things I read this week that I found interesting”

  1. Well reading about the Feminist Times has certainly educated me. I know Julie Burchill is transphobic but not that she is also an anti Irish Zionist as well. Her comments on the former are offensive but offence is not something that can be given only taken. I have no idea if she is being provocative for the sake of it or not but the way to react is not to get angry. That link linked itself to another site in which Julie and her sis in law Charlotte are referenced as two wankers. All highly amusing but not very relevant beyond base character assassination. Discrimination of any kind however is wrong and transphobia is every bit so as misogyny or racism or homophobia. And the irony has not been lost on me of those who have experienced discrimination themselves doing the same to others. It is actually worse for trans because they are smaller in number and so less well represented. I see you got a right bollocking stavvers for taking the Feminist Times platform when you apparently knew the editorship was transphobic. I have no idea if that is actually true or not but good on you for having the balls to advertise the fact anyway because it shows you in a negative light. There are not that many transphobes within feminism I understand and the only other two I know of are Julie Bindel and Kathy Brennan. The latter who semi infamously got thrown out of a gay pub for annoying the locals. Anyway all this soap opera is diverting attention from the real plight of trans who deserve to be treated just like any other human being. I am not so naïve as to think that will happen any time soon but the best any one can do is as I have just said. Anyway good on you for raising the issue stavvers in spite of all the negative personalisations. I may not agree with Julie or Charlotte or Kathy or Julie here but they have an absolute right to free speech so I do not hold it against them. For we are all imperfect one way or another. But trans get complete moral support from me. Absolutely one hundred per cent and unconditionally so too. For what they have to experience I cannot even imagine so respect to all of them. And thanks for raising awareness of this issue stavvers. You are doing good work so keep it up. And apologies for the long and rambling nature of this post

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