Things I read this week that I find interesting

Happy Sunday, chums! As always, I present a round up of things I read this week and found interesting. Maybe you’ll find it interesting, too.

Against feminist orthodoxy: why sex positivity is sex critical (Ari Silvera)- If you read one thing this week, make it this one. This is how sex positivity needs to work.

Problems with Names (Sara Ahmed)- An important piece on the importance of labelling sexism.

Lessons Learned From Menstruation Pop Quizzes While Being Intersex (Claudia)- Fun, tongue-in-cheek piece from an intersex woman about the ubiquitous assumption that all women must menstruate.

Getting to trans 101 (roseannastar)- On what “cis” means. Shit that shouldn’t need saying, said well.

Gender and sex (bangbangbeautiful)- Really good smackdown of biological sex, as it applies to humans and other animals.

5 Election Poster Campaigns the Parties Wish You’d Forget (Novara)- A reminder that Ukip aren’t the only ones preying on racism and homophobia.

On Poverty (Paul Dean)- Excellent personal piece on living in precarity.

Women. Comics. Some thoughts. (Marjorie Liu)- A call-out about sexual harassment in the comic book industry.

GitHub: sexism, bullying, harassment, and a curiously clean sweep. (Okwonga)- Analysis of the sexist climate at GitHub

Company’s response to outrage over its sexist T-shirt only makes things worse (Gavia Baker-Whitelaw)- Seriously, geeks, sort out the sexism problem, yeah?

Before Batgirl, weirder than Wonder Woman: lost superheroines of the pre-code era (Saladin Ahmed)- 60 years ago, and more, there were women in comics. This post celebrates them.

Mental illness: not a flavor, not an excuse (Shoshana Kessock)- A constructive call-out on the use of mental illness in gaming.

And finally, cats in places cats shouldn’t really be.

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