Things I read this fortnight that I found interesting

I read things. I find them interesting. I share them with you. Enjoy.

Why Women Avoid the Atheist Movement (It’s Not Our Feeble Lady Brains or Hormones) ([E] Hillary)- An excellent precis of misogyny in atheism.

A Personal History of Misogyny (Christina Tesoro)- A beautifully-written autobiographical piece about how misogyny hits.

Black Censors, White Art (This Day)- On the politics of the fallout of the racist Exhibit B being pulled.

On (White) Advocates (justinthelibsoc)- More on Exhibit B, and how white people are failing as advocates.

On unpaid bullshit: an open letter to Lena Dunham (Becca Day-Preston)- On the harms of unpaid work in “passion industries”.

Strip (Robot Hugs)- A comic from a stripper talking about her job and how not to be an arsehole.

Brilliant or Beautiful: but who says we can’t be both? (Joanne Harris)- A rather lovely article on gendering children’s books. I learned the word “heliotrope”.

So, polyamory, I guess I don’t hate you after all. (Kitty Stryker)- Sweet piece as Kitty reflects on changing views.

It’s October 3rd: The Mathematics of Mean Girls (Tycho’s Nose)- Ever wondered why the limit does not exist? Here’s a fun piece on calculus.

Social Justice Warriors and the New Culture War (Laurie Penny)- Laurie lays the smackdown on GamerGate.

White Mom’s Lawsuit Over Black Baby Exposes Ugly Truths About White Privilege (Derrick Clifton)- Analysis of the story of a white lesbian couple suing a sperm bank over having a mixed race baby.

And finally, someone very very dear to me is in trouble at the moment, and she needs help for living costs. If you have a spare fiver, please consider bunging it her way.

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