Things I read this week that I found interesting

Greetings, everyone. I read some things this week and found them interesting. Perhaps you will too.

On sexism, sexual assault and the threat of the ‘non-bro’ (Robyn Pennacchia)- Title says it all, this is a very worthwhile read.

Neither pity nor a fetish (CN Lester)- CN talks to cis partners of trans people.

The Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins (John Gray)- Rather scathing review of Richard “more than just a hat” Dawkins’s latest offering.

7 Things You Learn Surviving an Atomic Blast (Cracked)- Really interesting, sad interview with a Hiroshima survivor.

Marriage Will Never Set Us Free (Dean Spade & Craig Wilse)- A great radical queer critique of gay marriage.

Silencing the Bereaved – On the CPS Sean Rigg Decision (JustinTheLibSoc)- Justin’s becoming a regular fixture on these pages for good reason–he’s bang-on pretty much every time.

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook: Whole Foods Go “Ghetto” (The Academic Abolitionist)- On a really gross product that shouldn’t exist and how it’s tied to white supremacy.

Survivors Aren’t Censoring You. But You Might Be Censoring Them. (Antony B. Susan)- Very good piece on safer spaces.

Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and the cult of the white male celebrity activist (Latoya Peterson)- A good deconstruction of “good” men like Leo and Ben.

I’m Not Your Feminist Mommy & I’m Tired of Holding Your Hand (Anne Thériault)- On exhaustion with explaining shit to men.

And finally, I think this woman might be a witch and I am going to study the arcane asap so I can be like her.

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