Things I read this fortnight that I found interesting

Oh yes, it’s that time of the week again. Here’s some things I read this fortnight that I found interesting.

Dale Farm: an eviction anniversary (Ellen Yianni)- Ellen reflects on the ethnic cleansing at Dale Farm.

8 Heartbreaking Cases Where Land Was Stolen From Black Americans Through Racism, Violence and Murder (A Moore)- Upsetting piece, but it’s history that should be known.

“London – a migrant’s guide” (North London SolFed)- A really useful pamphlet, please share and signal boost.

How To Avoid Wearing A Racist Halloween Costume: A Simple Guide For White People (Mikki Kendall)- I have high expectations of my readers, so I’m sure none of you would do this, but send this to your racist mates anyway.

Fictional Characters Whose Lives Would Have Been Vastly Improved By An Abortion (Mallory Ortberg)- Tongue in cheek, but makes the point well.

The Problem With Ched Evans Returning To Football (Jude Wanga)- Jude says important shit that shouldn’t need saying.

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I’ve Been Forced Out Of My Home And Am Living In Constant Fear Because Of Relentless Death Threats From Gamergate (Brianna Wu)- A horrid personal account of what those horrible misogynists are really about.

No Thanks, Cupid: “Can overweight people still be sexy?” (That Pesky Feminist)- Excellent deconstruction of so-called preferred body types.

Sometimes, I Just Don’t Have Time for Individual Fights (s. e. smith)- On disengaging.

5 Practical Ways To Help Someone With Depression (bisociations)- A very useful guide.

Dear Sex Ed Textbook (Robot Hugs)- Comic on the state of sex education for people with vaginas, vulvas and uteruses.

A racial fetish (Confessions of a drag queen)- On white beauty standards and how race is fetishised.

Nude portraits (Utah Photojournalist)- Really sweet collection of portraits where the photographer is nude, but the subject is clothed.

As a special treat, I have three And Finally items for you to enjoy, so you’ll probably find something you like. Here’s an amazing guide to the internet from the 90s. Here’s a splendid Nicolas Cage sofa. And last but not least, the best pumpkin ever carved.

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