Things I read this week that I found interesting

Greetings, dear readers. Is it time for another round-up? Why yes, it’s time for another round-up.

There is no such thing as prison reform: an interview with CeCe McDonald– CeCe McDonald explains what prison abolition means.

[untitled] (Red Blood, Black Ink)- A very beautiful piece about names.

Why Britain Doesn’t Need a ‘UKIP of the Left’ (James Butler)- Just about the best analysis of all the bollocks surrounding UKIP I’ve read.

What David Cameron just proposed would endanger every Briton and destroy the IT industry (Cory Doctorow)- If you haven’t heard about David Cameron’s terrible new plans, read about why they’re awful.

“Charlie Hebdo”, not racist? If you say so… (Olivier Cyran)- A former staffer talks about working conditions.

Third exit from the left. (sometimes it’s just a cigar)- Jem reflects on leaving sex work and the popular construction of exiting.

The Bexleyheath teacher, the judge’s comments, and our construction of victims and villains (LucyBottomface)- Very good analysis of the underlying sentiments behind some outrageous rape apologism.

Mass surveillance not effective for finding terrorists (Ray Corrigan)- Basic explanation of statistics, making the case well.

And finally, a somewhat serious one this week. Broken Rainbow, who support LGBT domestic violence survivors, may lose their helpline due to government cuts. Please donate to this vital resource if you can.


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