Things I read this week that I found interesting

Round-up time. I’m thinking these are kind of officially becoming fortnightly, aren’t they? Anyway, I found these articles interesting and maybe you will too.

Resist! Against a Precarious Future (edited by Ray Filar)- A whole goddamn ebook, for free! A collection of essays on precarity and solutions.

The ‘transferable skills’ paradigm is cover for the creation of transferable people (Nina Power)- A look at what’s going on beneath the surface with that popular training mantra.

What the Suffragettes did for us (Anarchist Federation)- The suffragettes are always trotted out to try to guilt women into voting. Here’s why that’s bullshit.

The British State’s Willful Negligence Is Killing Immigrants in the Mediterranean (Wail Qasim)- Blame laid where blame is due for the deaths.

Letting migrants drown in the Mediterranean, is this what the Tories mean by ‘British values’? (Maya Goodfellow)- Examining the ideologies that kill.

Open Letter in Solidarity with Bahar Mustafa, Welfare and Diversity Officer, Goldsmiths. (Goldsmiths Solidarity)- The national media are lying about Bahar. Read and support the truth.

Remnants of the British Black Panther’s Lost Legacy (Bruno Bayley)- Beautiful photos and history.

This Is Fucking Vandalism, London’s History And Culture Are Being Destroyed In The Name Of Greed (johnny void)- A stark look at the state of London and development.

George Galloway’s comments on forced marriage are a dangerous abuse of power (Huma Munshi)- A forced marriage survivor takes down Galloway’s latest misogynistic nonsense.

What trans people of color fear after the Bruce Jenner media circus (Kay Ulanday Barrett)- Bruce Jenner’s coming out could have consequences for trans people of colour. Find out why.

we must unite inside her walls or we’ll crumble from within (dirgewithoutmusic)- I don’t usually do fanfic recs, but this is too fucking good (and it totally counts as feminist). Examining and defending Harry Potter fan unfavourites like Cho Chang and Pansy Parkinson, beautifully and movingly. ALL OF THE FEELS THEY ARE HERE.

And finally, here’s some lessons learned about heterosexual female desire from reading.

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