We’re fucked. Now is the time for solidarity.

We could talk about this election until the whole country falls into the sea as it rightly deserves, but there are more pressing things to address.

I hate to go all Sorting Hat on you, but things are probably going to get very bad, and we need to pull together. What we’re going to need is a lot of fucking solidarity to get through the next five years.

The real politics isn’t in the murderers at Westminster, but it’s the little things close to home, the things we need to do to survive, the things we shouldn’t have to.

Check in regularly with vulnerable people: those of us who are disabled, those who are migrants, the young and the elderly, those who find the means of survival ripped away. Resist, loudly, the lies and the blame thrown towards those of us who find ourselves suddenly much more open to attack. Help those around you to survive as much as you can, and do not be afraid to ask for help yourself.

Let’s try to recentre the discourse, and challenge the narratives that got us here. Let’s build our own power outside of Westminster, in our communities, in our homes, and yes, out on the streets, too.

They succeeded because they made their victims into scapegoats. It is absolutely crucial that we reverse this by any means necessary.

Under the Tories, our very survival is a radical act. Each breath we draw is an affront to them, and each sound we make chips away a little more.

12 thoughts on “We’re fucked. Now is the time for solidarity.”

  1. Reblogged this on Braindroppings and commented:
    An important message for those not happy about the election results. Now is not the time for blame – it’s about making sure a community is formed that opposes what the Tories are selling, a society where everyone only cares for their own selfish interests and will kick everyone else to the curb.

  2. i’d love to think this could be a thing, but i think i’m just about at the point where if the tories – and the 11m people who voted for them – don’t want me alive, i’m happy to oblige. there’s a great big rock on my chest, and i’m buggered if i have the wherewithal to get out from under it.

    1. I’m with you here. What’s giving me comfort is the knowledge that they’ll fucking tear themselves apart with no coalition partners to blame–a lot of them fucking hate Cameron, but also BoJo’s leadership aspirations are up the swanny now he’s led the party to a majority.

      If we all hang on in till 2020, the right should have hopefully fallen apart.

      1. i’m not at all confident of that. i think that the moderate side of the uories is all but finished now; the nationalist, authoritarian tendency is completely in the ascendent. And was as soon as cameron dropped his centrist flag of convenience in 2010; i don’t think any current tory mp will shed any tears at all if the uk votes to leave the eu. or if scotland votes to divorce itself from the uk.

        they’re *all* bastards now.

    2. I don’t know how serious that comment was, but if it was in any way: please don’t die. The country needs you. Don’t let the bastards win!

      1. as i say, it’s an “if” right now, an “if” that extends out to “if i am left personally with no remaining choice”. but at that point, the bastards will *already* have won; my only choice will be whether to struggle on defeated as best i can, or take one last defiant stand for my own right of self-determination.

        i *will not* be complicit in my own enslavement.

        1. and in saying that, i’m not accusing anyone who’s made a different choice of being so. hope is a freedom all its own. it’s just not one i’ve ever been able to find.

  3. Well, I’ll be alright, I’m a pretty well-off straight white guy without disabilities. (Is there a place where I can apologise on behalf of my class?) It’s the vulnerable people of this country that I feel sorry for, as if they haven’t been fucked over badly enough already.

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