Things I read this fortnight that I found interesting

Good afternoon, it’s time for the link round-up again, isn’t it?

The New Misandry: Man-Hating in 1972 (Joanna Russ)- This article was written over 40 years ago and pretty much every word of it is still relevant.

Beyond The Binary– Signal boost of a new magazine for and by NB folk.

David Cameron’s proposed encryption ban would ‘destroy the internet’ (Rob Price)- Very clear explanation of why the proposal is so fucking dangerous.

Amandla Stenberg Didn’t Attack Kylie, Leave Our Princess Alone! (Jamilah Lemieux)- Addressing the horrifically unfair standards levelled at young Black girls.

When Celebrating Accessible Technology is Just Reinforcing Ableism (crippledscholar)- Great article about how some tech makes abled people think they don’t need to make the world itself more accessible.

“Can’t you just CHOOSE?”: Being bi with a preference (Charlotte Dingle)- Something that isn’t discussed much when it comes to bi people, said well.

The dangers of trans broken arm syndrome (Naith Payton)- Short piece neatly explaining the driver for a lot of healthcare challenges faced by trans people.

Proof: Bill Cosby (Jessica W Luther)- Looking at the standards of “proof” demanded.

The Illusion of “Neutral” (Feminist Aspie)- Demolishing the “neutrality” that privileged people claim to hold.

Serena Williams and the Fear of a Dominant Black Woman (Tomas Rios)- Excellent article on reactions to Serena.

The history of British slave ownership has been buried: now its scale can be revealed (David Olusoga)- Long read, but definitely worth it. Slave ownership was very commonplace in Britain and now its history must be acknowledged.

And finally, why yes, it’s another kitten livestream.



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