Things I read this fortnight that I found interesting

All right, you lot, it’s links roundup time again.

End demand for marriage (Feminist Ire)- On marriage, borders and the nonsensicality of anti trafficking laws.

What The Rentboy Raid Tells Us About The Gendered Rhetoric Of Trafficking (Morgan M. Page)- Analysis of how language is used.

How the Feds Took Down (Melissa Gira Grant)- A thorough explanation of the context and the laws used to raid a website for sex workers.

Rentboy wasn’t my ‘brothel’. It was a tool to stay alive in this economy of violence (Anonymous)- A sex worker explains why he needed sites like rentboy.

My transgender sterilization, or why my consent meant nothing. (Queer Anarchism)- When is consent not consent? Heartbreaking piece of an experience far too many people have had throughout Europe.

The Market Goddesses (Katherine Cross)- Great piece on the ideal woman, as created and marketed by capitalism.

Stuck with a terrible landlord? As if tenants have any other choice (Dawn Foster)- Dawn writes a lot of very good stuff about Britain’s housing crisis and this is the latest such piece.

Violent Matter (piercepenniless)- piercepenniless got kicked off twitter for quoting a couple of lines of poetry. Here, he reflects on the poetry and violent rhetoric.

‘Hannibal’ is subverting everything we know about male relationships (Aja Romano)- Interesting analysis of the recently-deceased TV show. Farewell, beautiful murder husbands.

And finally, have a baby meeting a cat for the first time because it is so cute it made my heart burst.


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