Things I read this fortnight that I found interesting

I am going to try to make these weekly again, because the more time passes the more unwieldy these round-ups become. Anyway, here’s some things I read recently that I found interesting. You might find them interesting too.

From Cecil the Lion to a Pig’s Head: Why rich white men do what they do (Chimene Suleyman)- Very good article on that time the Prime Minister fucked a pig and how unsurprising it is in a world where rich white men get a free pass.

Crowdfunder: Translate “Porn, Whores and Feminists” to English (Petra Östergren)- Porn, Whores and Feminists is an in-depth independent analysis of Sweden’s policy on sex work (read more here). Please contribute to translating this vital text so that English-speakers can understand the truth about the Nordic Model.

The Limits of Trans Liberalism (Nat Raha)- A 101 on radical transfeminism, covering topics discussed in Juliet Jacques’s memoir Trans. (I read Trans and I loved it)

How corporates co-opted the art of mindfulness to make us bear the unbearable (Zoe Krupka)- This is such a good idea and resonates a lot with my own experience of mindfulness therapy through an occupational health department.

Intersectionality is not a label. (Latoya Peterson)- Has intersectionality lost its punch? This critique of how it is used today is well worth the read.

A Pregnancy Souvenir: Cells That Are Not Your Own (Carl Zimmer)- If you carry a XY foetus, you end up with XY cells all over your body. An interesting one for the Biological Sex Is A Social Construct folder.

To some cunt on twitter (Ideology)- Gloriously bitter poem about anti-gentrification protests.

What is a Family? (Dorian/Beyond The Binary)- Dorian introduces their queer family, and it’s very very heartwarming.

This Obscure Tumblr Sexuality Saved My Life (Bitty Navarro)- A woman’s quest to find a name for her demisexual identity.

The Reason This “Racist Soap Dispenser” Doesn’t Work on Black Skin (Max Plenke)- On technological racism and the things white engineers just don’t think about.

An Olive Leaf (Robert Kazandjian)- A poem filled with generational trauma from genocide.

The Recompiler– A new technology magazine focusing on the work of marginalised groups.

These 4 Behaviors That Fictional Media Tells Us Are Romantic Are Actually Really Harmful (Ashley Truong)- Busting some myths of things we’re told are romantic.

Study: White people react to evidence of white privilege by claiming greater personal hardships (David Edwards)- Sounds like an Onion headline, but actually legit. Scientific citation for what most of us already know.

“I respect trans people, but I would never date one.” (JensGender)- Exploring a really common trope among cis people who claim to be allies but still immediately rule the group they claim to support out of the dating pool.

And finally, have a cute comic about how a cat got a fabric fetish.

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