Things I read this week that I found interesting

Presenting, the weekly round-up!

I’m A Man And I Had An Abortion (Anonymous)- Stories like this show how trans liberation and reproductive justice must go hand in hand.

Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain– This looks bloody excellent, an accessible, 101 reader for and about bisexuality. I’ve bunged in a bit of money, because I really want a copy. You should too.

Metropolitan Police not racist (says Metropolitan Police) (London Campaign Against Police and State Violence)- Important response to data showing the pigs don’t give a shite about racism.

Quantifying stigma: pitting the mental against the physical (Stars and Spirals)- Great piece on mental and physical health stigma and how they intermingle.

“Arabian Street Artists” Bomb Homeland: Why We Hacked an Award-Winning Series (Heba Y. Amin)- This is some brilliant work.

Technigal (Robot Hugs)- Cute comic telling the story of how a trans woman’s experience of mansplaining increased exponentially as she transitioned.

This heartbreaking post explains why Facebook Memories needs to change (Rachel Jennings/Holly Brockwell)- FB memories is causing a lot of unnecessary grief to a lot of people. Why it’s fucked up, with a workaround to opt out.

Beyond the Binary: What the Media Gets Wrong About the “Trans Tipping Point” (Alok Vaid-Menon)- Who is being left behind?

on being disabled and bisexual (petitetimidgay)- Short video drawing attention to how disablism exists in queer spaces, too.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead, You Just Don’t Know What the Fuck it is. (Better Myths)- Next time some fedora wanker calls you milady, shove this up his arse.

How I Earned My Porn Star Name (Lorelei Lee)- On how all names and bodies are constructs.

The Things My Sister Doesn’t Know Yet (Tilly Jean)- Heartbreaking post from a big sister on what she knows her 18 year old sister will experience soon.

An Open Letter to George Lawlor (Elle May)- A young student takes Lawlor to task.

7 Things White People Definitely Didn’t Discover But Get Credit for Anyway (Zak Cheney-Rice)- Columbus Day was earlier this week, and this is a very fitting way to mark it.

Uncovering The Secret History Of Myers-Briggs (Merve Emre)- Longread delving into the ubiquitous “personality test”, in all its invalid, racist, sexist history.

And finally, look, it’s a gorilla getting some kittens for her birthday, and everyone looks so damn happy.

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