Things I read this week that I found interesting

It’s link round-up time again!

Feminist Consciousness (Sara Ahmed)- Amazing essay, exploring how we as feminists reassemble how we see the world.

‘When I Needed A Neighbour Were You There?’: Addressing Racism In Britain, The Elephant In The Room (Siana Bangura)- How white people completely failed to intervene to stop a hate crime.

Why I glued myself to a ticket barrier and shut down the Eurostar (Tatiana Garavito)- A report from and the story behind some important direct action.

pinkwashed: are young gays selling out to capitalism? (Sean Faye)- Excellent essay from Sean, exploring how far we have to go.

To be real: On trans aesthetics and authenticity (Sean Faye)- Sean’s been on fire this week, cracking out these must-reads.

Why I won’t date another ‘male feminist’ (Kate Iselin)- One of those pieces where I just nodded along and was like yes to this all the way through.

The Thai Women Behind the First Bar Run Entirely by a Sex Workers’ Collective (Charlotte England)- Great read on sex workers organising together and building something for themselves.

I Photograph Black Shelter Cats Because They’re The Last To Get Adopted And Are Often Euthanized (Casey)- The title covers the important stuff, but also look, it’s really cute black cats.

Racism is… (Shane Thomas)- Explaining everyday racism.

Mapping the intangible (Stars and Spirals)- Deeply personal, beautiful writing exploring mood.

Fan artist retells the whole story of ‘Mad Max’ in Egyptian hieroglyphs (Aja Romano)- Introducing Takumi Kanehara’s incredible interpretation of the story.

Ban dangerous legal high Cake.– I don’t usually share petitions but this one is important.

Meet the Rapper Keeping #BlackLivesMatter Alive By Releasing Music From Prison (Tom Barnes)- Richie Reseda is releasing music from prison with a crucial message.

The Hoverboard Scene In Back To The Future 2 Nearly Killed A Stuntwoman (Charlie Jane Anders)- This is a story of men not listening to a woman.

And finally, the Australian cast of The Lion King sing on a plane and it’s fucking lovely.

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