Things I read this week that I found interesting

Is it time for another link round up? It’s time for another link round up.

Don’t feed the trolls! Time to boycott the media feminists (Stephanie Farnsworth)- A call to boycott people who thrive off of controversy.

Nicki Minaj reading Maya Angelou– Shiver-inducing magic.

You are exactly like all the others, whatever they say (Sam Ambreen)- Sam turns her fire on highly pervasive racism among people and the media.

Precariousness and Grievability—When Is Life Grievable? (Judith Butler)- An excerpt from a previous essay, well worth reading in light of recent events.

The Logic of Masculinist Protection: Reflections on the Current Security State (Iris Marion Young)- Again, this is an old essay, written in 2003, and it really, really shouldn’t still be so completely relevant.

After the Paris Attacks: 4 Questions We Need to Ask (James Butler)- These are all incredibly important questions.

Test (Robot Hugs)- Proposing a new metric for female character development: the fleshlight with a postit test.

Silenced! …. Permanently. (Natacha Kennedy)- Highlighting what silencing means for paid cis people like Greer versus trans woman like Vicky Thompson, and how the former category have blood on their hands.

And finally, my friend is in a lot of trouble. They’re young, black and queer and living with psychosis. They need a bit of money to make it through the next few months. I can vouch that they’re awesome and may be overstating the problem. Please consider donating or sharing.


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